Fitness @ 7Hotel&Fitness

7Hotel&Fitness offers a unique service : take advantage of the adjoining Fitness Centre : Fitnwell, with an unlimited access.

Open 7days a week Fit’n Well offers on 2200m²:

  • a huge cardio-training room
  • 2 rooms dedicated to collective lessons
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Sauna Sauna, Hammam, etc…


Around 50 collectiv lessons are organized per week, offering a wide choice of practice, with diplomed trainers. Cardio training, relaxation, training, you will simply need to choose your programm depending on your obectives. And for that a fully trained coach will guide you in your choices.

Should you want to know more about :

Indoor lessons

Aquatic courses

Indoor lessons – Weekly planning

Aquatic courses – Weekly planning

Opening hourse: