2018 Start at the 7Hotel&Fitness

7hotel starts

On this Easter Monday, after several chocolate eggs, we invite you to discover what happened in the beginning of the year at 7Hotel & Fitness. We will talk about Eléonore, our newest recruit and about our Coworking space.

The portrait of the month: Eléonore

Eléonore Silbereissen joined us again at 7Hotel & Fitness in mid-February to take care of individual bookings. Indeed, she is the one receiving the requests of all people wishing to stay in our hotel. You may have met her when she was a receptionist in 2015 or when she was managing group bookings in 2016!

Hesitating between a career in science or tourism, Eléonore joined the International Tunon School to specialize in the latter sector. At the end of the school, it is for a linguistic stay that she visits Australia for 3 months before returning to France and applying for 7Hotel & Fitness. After her 2 years at home, it is the hotel La Cour du Corbeau who recruited her.

Today, she is back thanks to the new position of individual booking agent.

Eléonore Silbereissen

Coworking by 7Hotel&Fitness

In January, we opened our Coworking space. We currently have 5 coworkers and we still have 13 offices available! Sharing spaces are important to be able to work in community and to discover more about others as well as about ourselves. We can not wait for the spring to set up so that the terrace is sunny all day long.

Do not hesitate to reach us for more information, or visit our website: http://coworking.7hotel.fr/!

Espace coworking 7hotel&Fitness à Strasbourg

The offices of Coworking by 7Hotel

We reserve you full of surprises for the next months! Follow us on social medias to see all our news.